Stay in Sicily

Stay in Sicily, we help you to find the best accommodation.

For our students we offer different types of accommodation in Palermo, located near the school, in the heart of Palermo.
Self-contained apartments shared with max two people, independent apartments, b&bs and a wide range of hotels.
Our staff will help you find the most suitable option for you.
We also, independently from our Italian courses, offer accommodation by the sea, characteristic apartments, B&B’s, guest houses, and farm-stays in all areas of Sicily.

Stay in Sicily

Staying in the historic center of Palermo means living the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle.
It means immersing yourself in the local way of life.
Spend the morning at the sea basking in the heat of the sun and the afternoon walking in the streets of the historical city center, perhaps stopping to enjoy a ‘granita’.
It means letting the senses guide you to discover the smells and flavours of typical local products.
Try desserts such as ‘cannoli’ and culinary delights such as a delicious ‘arancina.
Staying in Sicily, an island where time still travels slowly, allows you the opportunity to enjoy the kindness and hospitality of the locals, and feel "Sicilian".
One of the most loved pastimes of the Mediterranean is to spend time with friends, chat in an outdoor bar or find yourself in a club on an evening.
All our accommodation in Palermo is located in the historic center, where you can experience the real ‘Palermitano’ lifestyle.
You will share the satisfaction of the same slow and relaxed rhythm of life, enjoying the beauty of a sunset or a glass of good local wine.
You will become an authentic resident of the South, rewarding yourself every day with small and wonderful pleasures.

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Stay in Sicily
Stay in Sicily
Stay in Sicily
Stay in Sicily
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